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2022 Interior Design Trends

It has been 2 years of pandemic dodging, altering the way we think, live and move. It has taught us that resilience is not an option. This calls for boldness in our moving forward . Below are the top 9 interior design trends to see more in 2022, market preference.

1. Bold colors

All white and muted neutrals is playing safe and timid, but mankind is ready to be bold again. Bold colors in sofa fabrics, drapes ,wallpapers and paint is making a comeback a preserve mostly left to décor items. Research into how to mix the colors is paramount and at times involve the services of an interior designer.

2. Blended furniture

Being hoarded together almost indefinitely has shown that even family members are so different, but there is beauty in diversity. Matchy matchy furniture 9 or 7 seater sofa is uninviting , a no go zone.The max you can match is 5 seater the rest of seats you can incorporate different style, color, texture or texture.

3. Leaner furniture

Out with the chunky ,space consuming furniture. Big sofas with big armrests tempts one to sit on the arms. Slim furniture makes the room more inviting and spacious.

4. More Light

Interior Designers and Architects are advising and opting for bigger windows to flood in natural light.

This is effortless green living and being gentle to mother nature – eco friendly construction. The lighting industry is charming out very trendy lighting fixture to light up our rooms but they also act as grand objects of décor feature. I call it double duty!

5. Environmental decor

Another eco-friendly décor feature will be the use of natural locally available raw materials to make décor items and even furniture. This cuts the foot print and promote local artisans whose trade is generational. There is going to be a mass exodus from mass produced generic imports décor that ideally have a very delicate shelf life or loosing the lustre over a short period of time.

6. Dressed walls

If the skin is the biggest organ to our body, conversely is the wall to our homes. Interior designers and home owners are adorning the walls with wainscoting, wall paper, trims, moulding ,bold wall colors thus adding depth and character to such un utilised huge feature.

7. Curves & Circles

Designers are intentionallyincorporating curves and soft line, again to soften the so rugged and sharp objects that remind us of rigidity of the pandemic. Indeed it is Feng-shui recommendation always.

8. Plants & Greenery

Bringing nature into the home has a calming effect and of course purifies the air. Huma beings have a high affinity to natural elements – gazing at stars , looking at a mountain , forest, flowers no wonder our mobile wall papers fascinate us every time are using our gadgets. Sight of greenery depicts health and wellness.

9. Professional engagement

When time , budgeting , lack of know how and information overload about styles , balance ,choice of material to match, blending …when this is leading no where it is time to engage a professional. Interior designers have been trained, been there done it, they know the process. trust their hand and they will free you to do what you love. Spending quality time with your loved ones giving your space to you faster than you can imagine. You got to participate in the design process approval but execution is an area you would be glad to leave it to the pros.


Milka Mungai is the founder and lead interior designer at Hudson Furnishing, located at Garden City Mall.

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